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Debian Basics

Decyphertek has secured your AWS AMI with one or more of the following open source software. Please reference the specific softare stack your server has. As a courteousy to AWS Subscribers this section can be used as a quick reference. AWSMP: Decyphertek

Security Features

  • Crowdsec IPS - An open source Intrusion prevntion system , that maintains a global IP blacklist.
  • UFW Host Firewall - A host based firewall that adds an addtional layer of security to limit access to your server.
  • Unattended Upgrades - Provides automated security patching & upgrades via crontab at 3am UTC every morning.
  • Auditd Logging - Provides additional security logging based of security aduitd rules set.
  • Quad9 DNS - Secure encrypted DNS that also blocks malicious queries and domains by default.
  • Modsecurity WAF - A Web Application firewall that block known malicous attacks against NGINX.

Crowdsec IPS

UFW Host Firewall:

Unattended Upgrades:

Auditd Logging:

Quad9 DNS:

Modsecurity WAF: