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Linux Active Directory alternative and can act as a secondary domain controller. It has many mdoules to choose from , including AD , DNS , Email , Firewall, Jabber, and Intrusion Preventation System.


# Zentyal Development Edition 7.0.5
$ sudo vim /etc/apt/sources.list.d/zentyal.list
$ deb 7.0 main extra
$ wget -q -O- | sudo apt-key add -
$ sudo apt update && sudo apt install zentyal
# Select port 8443 
$ sudo passwd $USER
# https://ip-of-server:8443
Follow setup instructions
# If you want select Intrusion Prevention system, you need the following repo. 
$ sudo add-apt-repository ppa:oisf/suricata-stable && sudo apt update
# The save changes screen when done doesnt change to another screen, it stops at  Saving webadmin module
# Open up a new window and manually save, when 2/2 100% , then refresh the page.  The original page will reflect the save. 
$ sudo reboot

Ports & Protocols

# The following port list is an example if you install every module that Zentyal has, from firewall, to email, to Jabber. 
# Make sure to allow ports and protocols via UFW or if you installed the firewall , via that. 
# If you install Zentyal Firewall , it disables UFW . There disables firewall security , until you set it on Zentyal. Nmap scan confirms. 
21/tcp ftp
22/tcp ssh
25/tcp smtp
88/tcp kerberos-sec # Kerberos authentication
110/tcp pop3
135/tcp msrpc # domain controllers-to-domain controller and client to domain controller operations.
139/tcp netbios-ssn # File Replication Service between domain controllers.
143/tcp imap
389/tcp LDAP
443/tcp https
445/tcp microsoft-ds # File Replication Service
464/tcp kpasswd5 # Kerberos Password Change
465/tcp smtps
587/tcp submission
993/tcp imaps
995/tcp pop3s
5222/tcp xmpp-client # Jabber
8443/tcp https-alt
49152/tcp dynamic applications
49153/tcp dynamic applications
49154/tcp dynamic applications

UFW host Firewall

# Basic configuration to get Active Directory working
# Please dont forget about Security Groups - AWS or any netowrk firewalls , VPCs, Subnets, Etc. 
$ sudo ufw allow ssh
$ sudo ufw enable
$ sudo ufw status numbered
$ sudo ufw allow 8443/tcp
$ sudo ufw allow 88/tcp
$ sudo ufw allow 135/tcp
$ sudo ufw allow 139/tcp
$ sudo ufw allow 445/tcp
$ sudo ufw allow 464/tcp
$ sudo ufw allow 389/tcp 
# If you install additonal modules, need to allow them as well.
# If you install the firewall , it disables ufw and allows all traffic.

How to Add Linux

# There is a bug here opened up a github issue
# How to find your AD name
# Login > Domain > Realm > ad01.decyphertek
# Set the Administrator Password
# Login > Users & Computers > Manage > Users > Adminotrator > Set password.
# Server side, find the private IP
$ ifconfig
# On the client side , set hosts to reference AD IP - EXAMPLE
$ sudo vim /etc/hosts ad01.decyphertek
# Install required software to join to AD.
$ sudo apt install -y sssd sssd-ad sssd-tools realmd libnss-sss libpam-sss adcli samba-common-bin 
$ sudo realm -v discover ad01.decyphertek
$ sudo join -v ad01.decyphertek
$ sudo pam-auth-update --enable mkhomedir
# Optional: If you want to utilize Kerberos Tickets.
$ sudo apt install krb5-user smbclient cifs-utils winbind
$ smbclient -L ad01.decyphertek