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Read The Docs

Read the docs is the best free and open source solution to host documentation. It autoupdates when you push git changes.

Get Started

 1. Create a github account - Sign in . 
 2. Got to  > > Click Use this template
 3. Associate Read the Docs account to Github
 4. Import github repository / Build
 5. Main Page - index.rst
 5. Automate build updates.

Example in a Project

 If you are new to Read the Docs, you may want to refer to the Read the Docs User documentation.
 If you are copying this code in order to get started with your documentation, you need to:

 1. place your docs/ folder alongside your Python project. If you are starting a new project, you can adapt the pyproject.toml example configuration.
 2. use your existing project repository or create a new repository on Github, GitLab, Bitbucket or another host supported by Read the Docs
 3. copy .readthedocs.yaml and the docs/ folder into your project.
 4. customize all the files, replacing example contents.
 5. add your own Python project, replacing the pyproject.toml configuration and module
 6. rebuild the documenation locally to see that it works.
 7. finally, register your project on Read the Docs, see Importing Your Documentation.


 MKDocs Alternative:

 SPHINX Customization: