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Gitea is an opensource software development platform. AWSMP: Decyphertek


Please be aware that it takes a few minutes for the system to be up and running. The best way to check is to view the status check from the ec2 / instances / dashboard. If it says intializing, it is not ready yet.

SSH Into the server:

  • Linux + MAC - add .pem key to ~/.ssh/id_rsa > change permisisons > chmod 400 id_rsa
  • ssh core@ip-of-server
  • If using putty or mobaxterm make sure to convert .pem using puttygen.

Gitea Instructions:

  • How to access Gitea > https://ip-of-server
  • Scroll down to Administrator Account Settings and set the usename and password.
  • Optional: Set your email config under email settings.
  • Gitea uses port 222 to push/pull via ssh. Generate new ssh keys via ssh keygen. Upload public key to Gitea gui.
  • Optional: Setup ssh psuh/pull > click top right icon > Select settings > Select SSH/GPG keys > Add Key

Portainer - Manage Docker:

  • How to access Portainer to manage your containers > https://ip-of-server:9443
  • Follow the instructions to create a new admin account.
  • Caution - Portainer can timeout if you dont create an account fast enough
  • If this happens you need to restart the container, ssh into the server, then run. > docker restart portainer
  • Once logged into portainer, click get started and select local. You can manage docker from here.

Docker - Update Containers:

  • Caution: Make sure to back up any data and test the update in a staging environment before running these commands on a production server.
  • ssh into the server
  • cd .docker
  • docker-compose down
  • docker-compose pull
  • docker-compose up -d

Docker - Redeploy:

  • Optional: Troubleshooting - If you have issues and want to rebuild, delete via portainer.
  • Enable startup and reboot: sudo systemctl enable startup && sudo reboot

Manage Flatcar Linux:

  • Optional: Manaully update Flatcar. Updates will happen automatically.
  • If you want to manually check for updates run this command: update_engine_client -update