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Pritunl is an open source VPN server that supports Wireguard & Openvpn.

Pritunl Login:

  • ssh into your server
  • ssh adminotaur@ip-of-server
  • sudo pritunl setup-key
  • Add the key to the new VPN server ( Takes a few minutes to be accessible )
  • https://ip-of-server
  • Once you enter the key , you will get disconnected, the database is being setup
  • Please be patient and try after a few minutes.
  • To get the auto-generated login password , type from terminal
  • sudo pritunl default-password
  • Once you login , you will immediately be sent to a page to change the password .

Pritunl VPN Setup:

  • To get connected to a vpn server on Pritunl an organization, user and server must be created.
  • Login > Users > select Add Organization > Save > Add User > requires creating a PIN
  • You can decide to use two factor or not, click the Qrcode and use google authetnicator.
  • Now you need to create a server
  • Login > Server > Select Add Server
  • This will autopopulate the basic settings , you can change them how you like.
  • If you do , remember to add the ufw rule and the security group rule.
  • The default port is 1194 ( OpenVPN )
  • Click enable wireguard if you want to use it and add the following port number
  • wg port number - 51820
  • You can also enable google authenticator for MFA.
  • Add a Wg virtual network , can not be the same as the default openvpn one above.
  • EX:
  • Save it and attach an organization
  • Now start the server
  • Its important to allow this traffic on the security groups and UFW Firewall.
  • sudo ufw allow 51820/udp
  • OR / AND
  • sudo ufw allow 1194/udp
  • To use wireguard, the VPN client user must also have access to port 443, make sure to allow them in the AWS Security group.
  • Note: This is not the case if you just use OpenVPN, just required for Wireguard.
  • Download the Pritunl VPN Client -
  • Download and import the VPN profile for the user
  • login > user > select the download icon > Optional: Select the QR code icon to setup MFA.
  • OR
  • login > user > select URI > Link is valid for 24 hrs.
  • Once downloaded, you can import to the client. Select OpenVPN or Wiregaurd to connect.
  • Note: Wiregaurd needs to also be installed on the client to use Wireguard.

NOTE: Routing on AWS:

Many Pritunl configurations will require the instances to route traffic to different networks. By default this will be blocked by the source/dest check (AWS) or fowarding option (Google) and should be disabled (AWS) or enabled (Google) to avoid issues. This can be done on AWS in the Network Interfaces panel in the EC2 dashboard. For Google Cloud the forwarding option can be found in the network options when creating the instance.

NOTE: Configuring Server Routes:

Server routes control what traffic will be tunneled over the vpn server. By default a server will include the route. This route will tunnel all internet traffic over the vpn server. To only route a local network on the vpn server first remove the route and click Add Route to add the local network route such as