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Cloud Query

Cloud Query is a simple CLI tool that can query your cloud infrastrucure as a database to ensure compliance.


 $ curl -L -o cloudquery 
 $ chmod a+x cloudquery 
 $ cloudquery init aws 
 # cloudquery init aws gcp  
 # This will generate a config containing aws and gcp providers 
 # cloudquery init --help # Show all possible auto generated configs and flags 
 $ docker run --name cloudquery_postgres -p 5432:5432 -e POSTGRES_PASSWORD=pass -d postgres 
 # Environment Variables 
 $ export AWS_ACCESS_KEY_ID={Your AWS Access Key ID} 
 $ export AWS_SECRET_ACCESS_KEY={Your AWS secret access key} 
 $ export AWS_SESSION_TOKEN={Your AWS session token} 
 # Connect to DB 
 $ psql "postgres://postgres:pass@localhost:5432/postgres?sslmode=disable" 
 # Example Query 
 $ SELECT * FROM aws_elbv2_load_balancers WHERE scheme = 'internet-facing'; 
 # Execute A Policy, CIS 
 $ cloudquery policy run aws//cis_v1.2.0