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Open Source full network packet capture, with visual dashboard.


 # Ubuntu 22.04 LTS 
 $ wget
 $ sudo dpkg -i arkime_5.0.0-rc3-1.ubuntu2204_amd64.deb
 # Have Configure script install ElasticSearch
 $ sudo /opt/arkime/bin/Configure
 $ sudo systemctl enable elasticsearch
 $ sudo systemctl start elasticsearch
 $ sudo /opt/arkime/db/ init
 $ sudo /opt/arkime/db/ upgrade
 $ sudo init /opt/arkime/bin/ admin "Admin User" THEPASSWORD --admin
 $ sudo systemctl enable arkimecapture
 $ sudo systemctl start arkimecapture
 $ sudo systemctl enable arkimeviewer
 $ sudo systemctl start arkimeviewer
 # log files
 $ sudo less opt/arkime/logs/viewer.log 
 $ sudo less /opt/arkime/logs/capture.log
 # Login with set user & password 
 # http://arkimeHOST:8005
 # Configs - /opt/arkime/etc/config.ini

 # you want IP -> Geo/ASN to work, you need to setup a maxmind account and the geoipupdate program.