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"KubeSphere is a distributed operating system for cloud-native application management, using Kubernetes as its kernel. It provides a plug-and-play architecture, allowing third-party applications to be seamlessly integrated into its ecosystem."


# Install Microk8s , Helm3 , First , then run. 
$ kubectl apply -f
$ kubectl apply -f
# Once logs stop , ctrl +c
$ kubectl logs -n kubesphere-system $(kubectl get pod -n kubesphere-system -l 'app in (ks-install, ks-installer)' -o jsonpath='{.items[0]}') -f
$ kubectl get svc/ks-console -n kubesphere-system
# Allow Inbound 30880 , host firewall and security group.  ( If using nginx , not required. ) 
$ sudo ufw allow 30880/tcp 
# Login 
# http://ip-of-server:30880
user:admin pass:P@88w0rd