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Odoo is an open source ERP & CRM server. Manage all aspects of your business with Odoo, including Wordpress, Ecommerce, Inventroy managment, POS, etc.

SSH Into Your Server:

  • Linux + MAC - add .pem key to ~/.ssh/id_rsa > change permisisons > chmod 400 id_rsa
  • ssh adminotaur@ip-of-server
  • If using putty or mobaxterm make sure to convert .pem using puttygen.

Login to Odoo:

  • https://ip-of-server
  • Accecpt self signed cert, you can add your own certs in nginx conf latter.
  • If you get an Nginx error, it means Odoo is still intializing, please be patient.
  • Odoo is secure and allows the user to set the master password , DB Name & User login at first access.
  • You can choose to use the randomly generated password or use your own.
  • To change the randomly generated password, simply refresh the page and will generate a new one.
  • Please fill in all the fields that it is asking
  • Please be patient , it takes a few minutes to initialize your chosen settings.

View Modsec logs:

  • sudo tail -f /var/log/modsec_audit.log
  • Test if modsec works
  • https://IP-OR-Domain/index.html?exec=/bin/bash

Renew Self signed certs:

  • sudo systemctl enable generate-cert.service
  • sudo reboot

Security Features:

  • Auditd -
  • Crowdsec -
  • UFW -
  • Unattended Upgrades -
  • Quad9 DNS -
  • Nginx/Modsec -

Additonal Resources:

  • Odoo 17 Docs -