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sudo lxc - Linux Containers

"sudo lxc is a userspace interface for the Linux kernel containment features. Through a powerful API and simple tools, it lets Linux users easily create and manage system or application containers."

Install sudo lxc:

$ sudo apt install lxc
$ lxc-checkconfig

Install lxc Web Panel:

#Debian Install script
wget -O - | bash
#Auto Update Script
wget -O - | bash
Connect you on http://your_ip_address:5000/
Login with user admin and password admin

lxc Terminal Commands:

On debian 12 , it doesnt work with just an LXC install, troubleshooting.

* create a new Debian container
$ sudo lxc-create -n decyphertek-debian -t debian

* start the Debian container
$ sudo lxc-start -n decyphertek-debian

* attach to the Debian container
$ sudo lxc-attach -n decyphertek-debian

* create a new Ubuntu container
$ sudo lxc-create -n decyphertek-ubuntu -t ubuntu

* start the Ubuntu container
$ sudo lxc-start -n decyphertek-ubuntu

* attach to the Ubuntu container
$ sudo lxc-attach -n decyphertek-ubuntu

* copy or clone containers
$ sudo lxc-copy

* destroy a container
$ sudo lxc-destroy

* stop a running container
$ sudo lxc-stop

* freeze all the container's processes
$ sudo lxc-freeze

* unfreeze all the container's processes
$ sudo lxc-unfreeze

* display information about a container
$ sudo lxc-info

* list containers
$ sudo lxc-ls

* attach to the console of a container
$ sudo lxc-console

* monitor container events
$ sudo lxc-monitor

* wait for a specific container state
$ sudo lxc-wait

* get or set the cgroup attributes of a container
$ sudo lxc-cgroup

* autostart containers
$ sudo lxc-autostart

* check the current kernel for sudo lxc support
$ sudo lxc-checkconfig

* update container configuration to the latest version
$ sudo lxc-update-config

* snapshot a container
$ sudo lxc-snapshot

* restore a container snapshot
$ sudo lxc-restore

* query sudo lxc system configuration
$ sudo lxc-config

* execute a command in a temporary container
$ sudo lxc-execute

* run a command inside an existing container
$ sudo lxc-attach

* execute a process with a new user namespace
$ sudo lxc-usernsexec

* query or set configuration values for the container or the host
$ sudo lxc-config